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Veg Plot Update

I was perusing the internet and taking a looky in a couple of gardening books to decide what vegetables I want to grow, and where to grow them.  In the spring, hubby will prepare four plots, all raised beds.  I’ve read that it’s best to rotate each year, so here are my planned plots:

Year one:

Plot One

Potatoes, possibly sweetcorn

Plot Two

Lettuce, cabbage, celery, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, brussel sprouts

Plot Three

Peas, egglants, red peppers, parsnips

Plot Four

Carrots, garlic, sweet potatoes.

OK so that’s the plan for now.  I may add a few other things, or I might jiggle it a little.  We’re planning to build something to go over the peppers, eggplant & tomatoes as they’re the most delicate.  I’ve seen ready made stuff in magazines and I’m sure there’s a cheaper way to go about it if only we get a little creative.

If anyone has any advice on the best companion growing, please let me know!  What’s your successes?

A Little Bit Of Paint Goes A Long Way…

I’ve always disliked the rickety old lean to which used to house the bikes and a few gardening tools.  It was old, smelly, ugly. Ick.  Now that it’s gone, I spent today painting the brickwork (all on my own too).  Don’t you just love before and after photos?  They make your hard work seem so much more worthwhile. 🙂

Above, this photo was taken in 2006.  See how small the flowers were in front of the lean to?!

Today’s photo after I finished painting.  The energy feels so much better.  The tree has grown so much in 4 years, and Mr M lopped it last month too!  A month earlier and you’d have seen the purple pink flowers of the rhododendron too, and the pink delicate flowers from the bush to the left of the piccie.  Not sure what the bush is called as it was already here when we moved in.  PS, does anyone know the name of the tall yellow plants?  I planted them from seed but I can’t remember what they are.  They are perennials, that’s all I know. 😀

The Garden Now (Pre-Veg Plot)

I took these photo’s today (with my mobile phone), just to show how the garden is at the moment.  Some of the flowers (like foxgloves, rose bushes or sweetpea) have died down for the year.

My First Gardening Post!

If you read the “About” section, you will get a brief description of the type of gardener I am.  I am all about the buying and planting, the weeding.  I am out of the loop when it comes to the technical side, PH balances, acid, alkaline, WTF?!  It’s lucky I have Nature Spirits to give me a helping hand!

In springtime, we plan to build our first ever vegetable patch.

This is how the garden looked in 2003, not long after we moved in.

The above photo is in 2003 when we had just ripped up all the old concrete floor, layed some decking and new slabs.  The wicker edging lasted about 6 months with the dog. 🙂

A birdseye view (well view from the upstairs hallway), when more work was done in 2007.  Hubby had just removed some privet hedge from behind the decking.  A year later after this photo we planted some rose bushes and honeysuckle in it’s place.

2007, above.  The sweetpea is in full bloom (it flowers every summer), and I planted foxgloves.

More from 2007, above.

Foxgloves, grown from seed. 🙂

Above, the garden in 2008.  Note I dotted a few faeries around 🙂

More from 2008 above…

Louis above.  2009. A few herbs  and new climbers have been planted.