Monthly Archives: September 2010

Raised Beds…

Apart from the fact there are no vegetables growing yet in our garden, it’s now all prepared.  Beds have been built, dirt has been riddled (OMG how many stones have I got in my garden, purlease?!), greenhouse has been dismantled from mom’s garden, and rebuilt in mine.  Compost has been purchased from the garden centre, along with a composter, lots of seeds and a grape vine.  Now all I need is to have green fingers 😉

Almost there

Spent the past few day’s dismantling the greenhouse at mom’s house.  It’s currently sitting in her garden, waiting for us to pick up.  It took a whole day to take down, I can only imagine how long it will take to put up (for hubby anyway, hahaha).  Today hubby prepared the area the greenhouse will be erected.  It’s going next to the brick shed at the bottom of the garden.  So he’s been laying some slabs, while I’ve been painting up the decking & table and chairs.  The garden still looks like a bomb has hit it, but not long now and it will be done.  Once the greenhouse is erected, hubby will finish building the raised beds, then we’ll need some extra compost to finish filling them.  Then just need to wait until January, til I can start growing some seeds indoors.  I can’t wait.  I have been taking photos, which I shall post once everything has all been knitted together.  Then I shall keep posting piccies once I start growing, so you can all have a laugh at how I don’t have a clue what I’m doing (at least you can nudge me in the right direction…) 😉

The Plot Thickens…

We’ve decided that we’re having three instead of four plots now for our vegetables.  As Mr M is digging and preparing the ground, he discovered that there is a plot of land that is far too high up for our liking, digging up all sorts of stuff, he’s now hit concrete, and it would cost us a fortune to dig below the concrete and find some way of getting rid of it all.  So we have resorted to plan B; Mom has an old greenhouse she doesn’t want and has been asking me for ages if I want it, so I shall take her up on her offer.  The greenhouse can house the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.  The garden looks like a bomb has hit it at the moment ~ I need to get out there and take a few photos…


Because the top end of the garden is going to be filled with raised beds for vegetable patches, hubby moved the decking the other day.  He’s been moaning about gaps under the decking for some time, because of course it can attract small mammals and such.  He kept saying he wanted to fill it all in.  Well as he was dismantling the decking, he was petrified that some mice would filter out.  But he got a nice surprise instead (because he’s scared of mice), because there were about a dozen common frogs in there.  They hopped off and hid in the bushes.  Hubby wasn’t going to replace the decking the same day, but I told him he best relay their home (in it’s new position of course).  I wish I’d rushed in and grabbed my camera, but never mind.  I’m sure my frog princes will go steady on the worms as there are lots of snails and slugs for them to munch on. 🙂

Nature Spirits & Gardening

If you are lucky enough to have a nice day, sit still for a while & stare at the blue sky. If you relax your eyes long enough, you should be able to see little dots dancing. This is nature spirits you can see.


Whether you are green fingered, or not so hot at gardening, invoke nature spirits to enhance your garden. All you need to do is talk to them. If you are self conscious, you can talk to them in your mind! Tell them what you are doing, ask their permission if you are removing weeds, or moving a plant to another part of the garden.  Ask them to tend to the garden while you are away.  Soon you will find that your flowers are looking marvellous, are bigger than normal, with stronger smells. They will more likely bloom for longer than normal too.

Of course, nature spirits won’t mow the lawn or de-weed for you, but you will notice the difference they make once you start communicating with them. Give it a try! ;~)

PS… If you prefer to keep a really tidy garden, please leave a little bit untended, as it will attract all sorts of extra wildlife.