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Supermoon & Blue Tits

Well, last week I managed to plant some onions, parsnips, garlic, carrots and beetroot.  After fiddling for a while with the netting, I managed to cover my new seeds so that the birds won’t get to them.  After promising on Twitter I would get a shot of the blue tits and great tits that visit the garden everyday, they decided to tease me, and I didn’t see them for about 4 days!  I managed to get a few shots eventually.

Above, a blue tit looking in the bird box, and one walking along the fence.

Above, blue tit looking in the bird box, and top right (ish), bird in mid flight.

Above, blue tit on top of the honeysuckle, and another flying – if you look carefully you can see his wings moving.  Taken purely by chance, and I know my camera isn’t the fanciest but I tried my best 😉

How awesome was yesterday’s supermoon?  I hope you had a chance to view it.  For some reason here it had a yellow glow to it.  I guess it was caused by atmospheric conditions.  Again, I don’t have the best camera, but I tried taking a few shots.

Above, first shot of the moon rising above the horizon.  The lines going through it are tree branches, lol

Above, I zoomed in a little with the photo on my laptop.

Above, later shot of the supermoon, when it had risen more.

Greenhouse Update

On Friday I put all the Brassica plants into the greenhouse.  They were looking too tall and lanky in the house, so when I checked online, it said that they would be better somewhere cooler, as long as the temperatures didn’t go below 0C.

The sunflower seeds are growing quickly and are monsters!  I’ve put them into larger pots today as I noticed their roots we trying to grow through the bottom of their pots, lol.

Above, sunflowers

Above, how tall the sweetcorn is growing.

Above, the brassicas are now in the greenhouse; hopefully their stems will fatten up now.

Above, small plants in the greenhouse, grown from seed.  In view too, the raised beds and composter.

Seed Photos

Just taken these photos of the seeds 🙂

Red Peppers


Hot Cayenne Peppers






Tomato (Garden Pearl)

Well that’s it for now.  I can’t wait until they’re strong enough to go into the garden.

Spring is in the Air

Ah, blue skies, a warm breeze and the feeling of spring in the air.  It’s around 9C outside at the moment, with a warm breeze.  I absolutely love it.  I cannot wait to start planting out my seeds once the frosts are over.  Today I took some seed potatoes (Desiree) from the greenhouse and planted them in one of the raised beds.  I deweeded the beds too, and prepared them for spring planting.  Geez, I can’t believe how many weeds have shot up in the empty beds since winter set in.

I have some onions and garlic to plant, which I guess I can do now the beds are ready.  I know “experts” say you should plant garlic in autumn but my beds were filled with fresh manure then and I didn’t want to stick them straight in!  Now the dirt has rotted down and perfect for planting.  I plan to sow the carrots nearby.  I heard they are great companions as the garlic (allegedly) keeps black fly away.

I’ll need to be vigilant.  Mom wants me to put out some slug pellets but I want to grow as organic as possible.  I have frogs living in the decking and I fear they could be poisoned if I poison the slugs.  Must get beer and egg shells at the ready, and hope I can keep those slippery slugs at bay.

The brassicas, indoors at least, look like tough little fellows.  Outside they will probably get nibbled to death, due to my gardening inexperience.  The tomatoes and peppers are growing a whole lot slower.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  I don’t want sickly, skinny plants.  But I guess each plant will grow at it’s own rate anyway.

I have planted some sunflower seeds indoors.  I know they can be planted straight out, but I tried a few years ago and not one showed!  I am growing the sunflowers for the birds.  I don’t want to drive them away, but I don’t want them eating my vegetables!  So I have stocked up on some fine netting, to keep them off the veg!

So that’s me for now.  I’ll dig out the camera in a few days and keep you updated on how fast the seeds are growing.

Happy gardening!

Seeds Update

 So I have planned out what seeds I will be planting in which plots. 

























I’ve been busy planting more seeds.  On 25th February I planted hot cayenne peppers, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, sweetcorn, cauliflower, peppers and garden pearl tomatoes. 




Brussel Sprouts


Tomatoes (Garden Pearl variety)

These were all planted six days ago.  The only things so far which haven’t grown are the cayenne peppers and other peppers, but seeing as they’re meant to show between 2-3 weeks, I’m really not worried.  I can’t believe my other seeds are growing so quickly, I just hope the conditons are right and they don’t become weak by growing so fast.

Once the frost has gone and it’s a little milder in a week or two, I will be planting some seeds directly into the plots, peas, some varieties of lettuce, and carrots.  I also have some potatoes, onions and garlic which are waiting to go out.  I’m having to be vigilante with the neighbours cat.  He started using the raised beds as a litter tray, but that has now stopped.  I keep chasing him away, and sending my dog outside so he can leave his scent. 

I guess now I need to buy in some netting for the brassicas, ready for when they’re big enough to plant out.

Now onto crystals.  I was researching to see which crystals would help my plants grow strong and judging but lots of websites the winner is Moss Agate.  This is the gardener’s dream of a crystal because the gardener can wear it during gardening to avoid aches and pains.  It is also meant to attract abundant plantlife, and most importantly (for me anyway), is it helps you to attune to the plants needs.  I need to be more instinctive with my plants.  I am instinctive in every other way in life, yet because growing vegetables is new to me I am a little scared and unsure.  So I really want to become more attuned and listen to what me heart is telling me.  I’m sure it will help me to communicate better with the nature spirits.  I’ll be wearing mine daily, and might get around to purchasing a few more to dot around the veg beds.

Moss Agate.

Another crystal is fluorite.  Meant to ward of negative energies, it also magnifies the properties of other crystals.  So I will wear it to help magnify the properties pf my moss agate.


Yes, there are many other crystals I could use.  Rose quartz is meant to be useful for healing sickly plants (I may need that one at some point, lol).  The other crystal I shall be focusing on will be clear crystal quartz.  It has healing properties and will help ground my plants and make them strong. 

Clear Crystal Quartz

I also found out to my surprise that you can use dark crystals to keep insects at bay.  I may have to look into this more if insects become a huge problem.  Onyx or obsidian are meant to be the best choice.  You pop them into the ground near your plants.