Monthly Archives: April 2011

First Gardening Challenge

I went into the greenhouse today, like I do most days, to check on the tomatoes, bell peppers, hot cayenne peppers and aubergines.  Well well well if I hadn’t had a little visitor.  There was a few mouse droppings around the aubergines, and one of the leaves had been nibbled. 😦

Mouse obviously prefers the greenhouse as he hasn’t touched the outdoor vegetables (yet).  I guess I will have to peruse the internet to find the best solution of keeping old Mickey away.

Above, brassicas.

Mixed lettuce leaves, not long sown

Onions, garlic, a few carrots, etc

Carrots, beetroom & parsnips.  I was running out of room so just planted a few.

Hope the mice stay away from the strawberries.

Bell peppers.

Hot Cayenne Peppers

Aubergines.  Mickey’s favourite.


Above, the stuff growing in the greenhouse.

Above, my second attempt at making bagels 🙂

Planting Out

Yesterday was nice enough to plant out my Brassicas.  They were getting quite big in the greenhouse; I was just waiting for the right time to plant them in the raised beds.  Heck, I’ve probably planted them too close together, but at least it will leave less room for weeds, LOL 😉

Above, some sunflowers are coming along nicely.

Here are the Brassicas I planted out yesterday.

First signs of garlic.  The mesh is on because I have tiny carrot and beetroot seeds nearby & I wanted to protect them from the birds.

Above, I discovered these little lovelies a few days ago.  Now I certainly didn’t buy them, so I guess the seeds have blown in.  They look too pretty for weeds so I am hoping they are violets?

Above, Pink & blue hyasinths.  I love the smell and they are so pretty.

Blueberries by the BBQ 😀

Above, last years lillies are coming up.  Seems a lot more than last year.  Will be a riot of colour when they’re flowering.  Must take some photos when they do.  Amazing colour.

Above, shop grown strawberries.  I grew 20 from seed but only one has survived and it is tiny.  I’m not sure what I did wrong, it was my first disaster! (Note: so far, LOL)

Indoors, the bell peppers are doing well.  I will wait until late April or early May to put out in the greenhouse.

Hot Cayenne Peppers also doing well.

The tomatoes are going crazy!  I need to repot these.

Above, nothing to do with gardening, but this is the bread I made this morning.  Mmmm yummy. 🙂