Monthly Archives: July 2011

Blog catch-up

I realised I haven’t blogged here since May, but thankfully I have still been taking lots of photos of my garden, and all the fruit and veg.  Things are going well.  The tomatoes were looking a little shabby, possibly overwatered.  I transplanted them into grow bags and they seem to have settled.  They are growing tomatoes now, and one has turned red.

We harvested some stuff the other week.  Some beetroot, which I plan to pickle, some baby carrots, broccoli and potatoes.  I made the mistake with the broccoli of letting some flower.  It didn’t say on the packet I needed to pick it before it flowered!  All it said was ready to harvest in autumn and we are nowhere near autumn.  Lucky I have the internet when I get stuck!

The photos on here are a bit random, but if you hover it should say what they are; if you click on it you will hopefully see the date on the bottom right hand side.  I know they aren’t in a date order but wordpress can be a bit confusing for me at times, and they took ages to load as it was, without me filtering through and sorting them in order.

The brassicas are now huge; probably planted too close together, but at least there’s less room for weeds.  The onions were looking a little shocking, but they have perked up now.  I wasn’t giving them enough water.  And the potatoes leaves are looking a dit yellow.  But when I compared them online, it looks like the plants are dying ready for them to be harvested, and not potato blight, which is a relief.

I read the other day that bell peppers and cayenne peppers are perennials and I can keep them all through the winter as long as I wrap them warm and don’t water them.  Next year they should be bigger and even better.  Bonus!

I had saved some pumpkin seeds from the supermarket last October, hoping to grow my own for hallowe’en this year.  But I only remembered to plant them the other day.  And we’re already into July.  But they are germinating already (after 3 days).  I hope that at least one will grow and be big enough for Hallowe’en.  Perhaps I need a spell to speed things up?