Monthly Archives: September 2011


Well harvesting is well under way.  I have now dug up the remaining potatoes, and that bed is ready now to plant garlic and onions for next year.  The tomatoes have cropped heavily, and aside from a couple being eaten by bugs, they have done really well.  The aubergines were a little disappointing.  A couple were eaten by slugs, and the remaining 4 pots have not fruited at all.  The peppers have fruited a whole, small, pepper.  I am hoping the peppers will fare better next year.  I will cover them in fleece soon, ready for the winter.  The sprouts are… um…. sprouting!  I picked some and made a lovely soup.  There will be lots for Yule and Christmas.  The onions and garlic are harvested and stored in a dark cupboard.  I haven’t been impressed with the carrots, perhaps the soil was too lumpy or not deep enough.  They tasted good but are small.  I planted a few beetroot which were a revelation, and I made a couple of jars of picked beetroot.  But I need to grow more!