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First seeds of 2012

Yesterday I planted some seeds, which I’m keeping in the kitchen for now.  Planted a whole tray of tomatoes, and then just a handful of brassicas (cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage).  I need more space in the garden for growing.  Last year (my first attempt), the bed got a little overcramped.  Yeah, I just shoved loads of seeds in.  OK, at least I didn’t need to do much weeding.  Also, this year I really ought to keep the brassicas protected with some fine netting.  Those darn bugs got on the brassicas last year, I was spending ages each day going through each plant picking them off.

Photos once the seeds start germinating!

First post of 2012!

Well I am here again.  Second year of growing my own veg.  Overall I think last year was successful.  Apart from the sweetcorn, which did not produce fruit.  And the aubergines didn’t either – but apparently they are perrenial so I have wrapped them in fleece for the winter along with my chilli peppers and bell peppers.

Today was exceptionally mild for February (17C).  So I planted out garlic, onions and potatoes, and tidied the veg plots.  I also got up what was remaining of the brussel sprouts – and put them into the kitchen larder.

I am itching now to start growing my seeds indoors 😀