Monthly Archives: September 2012

Not much blogging… not much growing…

Well I haven’t posted much this year.  One of the reasons was a lot of the stuff was a disaster!  All gardener’s blame the weather so I shall partly blame it myself.  We had a really dry and mild winter followed by a drought inducing spring, then had the wettest summer on record!  The crazy conditions meant that there were loads of slugs in the garden which ate nearly everything.  Then the brassicas got completely destroyed by white cabbage butterfly.  I gave up with them and dug them up.  They were looking so nice to start with.  The brassicas I blame on myself, I meant to put up mesh and didn’t…  The tomatoes, well, they just died in the kitchen at the start of the year.  Again, I think that was because I possibly used the wrong soil.  I can’t remember what I used but it was different to last year when I had a bumper crop.

Decided that I’m going to grow some autumn stuff.  Onions, garlic, some winter lettuce, maybe some radishes, beetroot and spring onions.  So this week I’ve been sorting out one of my raised beds.  Hubby has decided he’s going to join in next year and has stolen a bed from me.  Oh well, at least he is growing spuds in it – something I’d grow.  The potatoes, oh they were a disaster this year.  Hubby wanted King Edwards.  Last year we had Disiree – tasty waxy red ones.  The spuds this year were ok when I dug them out but disintergrated when cooked.  I was warned about that on a gardening show because of all the rain we had in England all summer….  And I mean ALL summer.

I got slug pellets.  They’re animal friendly apparently.  I know I wanted to grow organically but the little blighters were eating everything!  They ate all my lettuce.  I have some now growing quite nicely, after putting a few pellets down.

Feels like autumn, can’t wait to make my first stew of the year!

– Brassicas in the raised bed on the right, pre-white cabbage butterfly attack
Strange orb type light in the centre of the photo.

Above: Sprouts, cabbage, cauli and broccoli were in the bed on the right of the photo, before they got ripped to shreds.  Potatoes were in the middle bed and the smaller left bed had onions and garlic.