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These are the potatoes that my hubby is growing this year.  I usually grow all the veg, but this year he has decided he wants to join in.  So he has taken over the role of growing the potatoes.  He is also growing carrots and tomatoes.  But I am too.  We’re competitive.  I decided I am planting my seeds on 11th March – the New Moon.


There is a mixture here of the potatoes hubby is growing.  From left to right, Kestrel (2nd early), Arran Victory (Main), Yukon Gold (2nd Early) and Duke of York (Early).  We have never grown any of them before.  Last year I grew King Edwards as hubby likes them.  Because of all the rain we had, I didn’t rate them very high.  The year before I grew Desiree, and they grew wonderfully!

Spring Flowers

Well, we bought a waterfeature!  We used to have a waterfeature and unfortunately it started leaking.  It was really beautiful too.  But this one is even better!  It is meant to be solar panelled.  As yet it has not done anything.  Either it is too dull outside, or there is an on button that we haven’t activated, LOL


We bought some Primroses.  I think the orange ones are my favourite.


I need more spring bulbs!!!!  Bought these the other day but I want lots more.  I will probably get some more, but then in the Autumn when they are cheaper, I will just by them as bulbs.  Lots of them.



Seeds I’m planting in March

Seeds I'm planting in March

Cottage Flower Seeds


These are the seeds I’m planting in March.



Hollyhock “Giant single Mixed”
Hollyhock “Halo Mixed”
Malva “Mystic Merlin”
Dahlia “Dwarf Double Mixed”
Echinacea “Large Flowered”
Aquilegia “Biedermeier Mixed”
Delphinium “Pacific Giant Mixed”
Lupin “Russell Mixed”
Rudbeckia “Gloriosa Daisies”
Aubrietia “Cascade Mixed”


Nasturtium “Tom Thumb”
Marigold “French Petite”
Sunflower “Giant Single”


Carrots “St Valery”
Carrots “Nutri-Red F1”
Lettuce “Salad bowl red and green mixed”
Tomato “Moneymaker”
Tomato “Gardeners Delight”
Radish “Scarleet Globe”
Beetroot “Boltardy”
Parsnip “Tender and True”

Waiting for Spring!

Well after the crappy cold and snowy weather we’ve been having, I am now looking forward to Spring.  Been looking online at what flowers I can purchase in seed form.  I want to revive the flower beds which have been neglected the last couple of years.  So far I’ve gotten Lupins, Aubretias, Marigolds, Nasturtiums, Hollyhocks, Echinacea, Delphiniums, Rudbeckia, Dahlias and Sunflowers.

Cannot wait to get stuck in!!!