Monthly Archives: March 2013

Keeps on Growing

Even from just a couple of days ago the seeds have grown so much!  I was going to take more photos but then I realised it was only 3 days ago that I took the last lot of photos.  It’s crazy how much seeds can grow in three days!

I was looking at my seeds the other day and realised I could start my courgettes indoors and plant them out in April.  So I planted them on the 18th.  Yesterday I bought a gardening magazine with more sunflower seeds in them.  These ones are called Vanilla Ice and have really pale creamy petals.  I think I would be happy to grow a garden full of different types of Sunflowers!

I think I might take another photo in a few days, perhaps a week after my last ones, just to show how much these puppies are growing.


Indoor seeds

Here’s the seeds I planted indoors on Tuesday 12th…


Dahlia, echinacea, aquilegia, delphinium



Tomatoes Gardener’s Delight, Tomatoes Moneymaker, Marigolds and Nasturtiums





Lupins, Aubrietia, Rudbekia, Verbascum






Malva, Hollyhock, Verbena







Seeds Planted!

Boy what a funky few weeks of weather.  Sunshine and a bit of warmth (not much) and bits of snow, then easterly winds making the -4C weather feel like -9C.  I planted lots of spring plants, primroses, tulips, daffs, crocuses, etc.  I hope they are ok.

Planted some carrot seeds last week, along with some parsnips and garlic bulbs.  OK, so I was trying to grow garlic over Autumn and nothing showed, so I bought some more and planted it just before the New Moon.  Then I read that garlic planted in Autumn doesn’t tend to show until early Spring, LOL.  So I may have a lot of garlic soon.  I don’t mind.


I took the photo, above, today.  This is a mixture of onions, beetroot, radish, red onions and spring onions that I planted last Autumn.  I hope they become big and wonderful.

Yesterday (12th March), I planted some seeds indoors.  Tomatoes, and a lot of flower seeds.  Hubby got a head start on me, he planted tomatoes about a week ago and today they popped their heads out of the soil.

I keep checking the weather, we keep getting temperatures below zero.  It looks like as of the Spring Equinox (March 20th) it really will be officially spring this year in blighty.  No more frost.  Whoop whoop!


A bit of mischief

I lost my keys over the weekend.  I walked the dog, put them in the kitchen in the same place I always put them.  Then in the evening, when I went to walk the dog again, they were gone.  So hubby and me looked everwhere.  We rummaged the bins, the recycling, the drawers, the cupboards.  I felt frustrated because I knew where I had put them.  Felt like there was some mischief afoot.

I am planning on moon planting this year.  I had thought I would plant on Monday 11th (the new moon).  This morning I decided — still keyless — that I would double check online about moon planting.  So anyway lots of websites were saying never plant on a new moon or full moon.  Oops.  Lucky I checked.  They also said root vegetables like carrots, parsnips – anything growing underground – needed to be planted on a waning moon (from full to new).  Now I have plenty of perenial plants and a few lettuce that need planting on a waxing moon (new to full), but I am also planting carrots, parsnips, beetroot and radishes so I thought I best go now to the seed tin and get those out so I can plant them…..

Opened the tin – wahay!  Keys!

Husband was planting some potatoes and carrots on Saturday – the day my keys went missing.  It was him or the faeries, but just glad I got them back 😉