Pond Plants

Yesterday I received some marginals and oxygenators through the mail. I’m keeping the marginals in a very shallow part through the winter as they’re young and tender.


The marginals are as follows:

Iris versicolour (northern blue flag)

Iris pseudacorus (yellow flag iris)

Veronica Becca bunga (brooklime)

Lobelia vedrariensis (purple lobelia)

Myosotis scorpoides (water forget me not)

Oenanthe japonica flamingo (variegated water dropwort)

Carex gramineous ogon

Geum rivale (water avens)


And the oxygenators are elodea crispa.


2 responses to “Pond Plants

  1. It sounds like you’ve been through quite a struggle and a great success to get to feeling better. The pond is going to be awesome and I love the arbor. Both will be really enjoyable, I’m sure. Welcome back to blogging! 🌞🌟☄🌠

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